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Aerial Lifts / Mobiel werkplatform / Plataformas Aéreas

(PT) Plataforma Articulada- Telescópica
(EN) Articulated - Telescopic Boom Lifts
(NL) Telescopische - Articulerende Hoogwerker

Plataforma Articulada - Articulated Boom Lift - Articulerende Hoogwerker:

Articulating boom lifts (knuckle booms) are used for reaching up and over machinery, equipment, and other obstacles mounted on floors, and for reaching other elevated positions not easily approached by a straight telescopic boom lift.

Plataforma Telescópica - Telescopic Boom Lift - Telescopische Hoogwerker:

Telescopic (straight or stick boom) boom lifts are especially useful for applications that require reach capability.

(PT) Plataformas Tesoura
(EN) Scissor lifts
(NL) Schaarliften

Plataformas Tesoura - Scissor lifts - Schaarliften:


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