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Eye Bolt / Olhal de Suspensão Tipo Parafuso / Oogbout

(EN) Eye Bolt
(PT) Olhal de Suspensão Tipo Parafuso
(NL) Oogbout

How should you select the right bolt?
Use plain or shoulderless eye bolts or ring bolts for vertical loading only. Angle loading on shouderless bolts will bend or break them.
Use shoulder eye bolts for vertical or angle loading.

How should you use eye bolts safely?
Orient the eye bolt in line with the slings. If the load is applied sideways, the eye bolt may bend.
Pack washers between the shoulder and the load surface to ensure that the eye bolt firmly contacts the surface. Ensure that the nut is properly torqued.
Engage at least 90% of threads in receiving a hole when using shims or washers.
Attach only one sling leg to each eye bolt.
Inspect and clean the eye bolt threads and the hole.
Screw the eye bolt on all the way down and properly seat.
Ensure the tapped hole for a screw eye bolt (body bolts) has a minimum depth of one-and-a-half times the bolt diameter.
Install the shoulder at right angles to the axis of the hole. The shoulder should be in full contact with the surface of the object being lifted.

What should you avoid when using eye bolts?
Do not run a sling through a pair of eye bolts: this will reduce the effective angle of lift and will put more strain on the rigging.
Do not use eye bolts that have been ground, machined or stamped.
Do not paint an eye bolt. The paint could cover up flaws.
Do not use eye bolts that have worn threads or other flaws.
Do not insert the point of a hook in an eye bolt. Use a shackle.


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