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Roundslings / Cintas tipo Anel / Rondstroppen

(EN) Polyester Roundslings - endless sling
(PT) Cintas de Poliéster tipo anel
(NL) Polyester rondstroppen - eindloze strop

Capacity Chart (kg) / Tabela de Capacidade (Kg) / Lastentabel (kg)

safety factor 7:1 / Norm EN 1492-2
veiligheidsfactor 7:1 / Norm EN 1492-2
Fator de Segurança 7:1 / Norma EN 1492-2

Removal from Service
A polyester round sling shall be removed from service if any of the following is visible:
- If polyester round sling identification is missing or unreadable.
- Melting, charring or weld spatter on any part of the polyester round sling.
- Holes, tears, cuts, embedded particles, abrasive wear, or snags that expose the core fibers of the polyester round sling.
- Broken or worn stitching in the cover which exposes the core fibers.
- Fittings when damaged, stretched or distorted in any way.
- Polyester round slings that are knotted.
- Acid or alkali burns of the polyester round sling.
- Any conditions which causes doubt as to the strength of the polyester round sling


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