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Technical Translations and Glossaries almost one year online!

I started this website in September 2008, since then a lot of people found their way here by google or other search engines. It is good to know that my site is helping you find translations and glossaries relating to lifting & hoisting equipment. I will continue updating this website. I would like to ask some people to stop spamming the reaction section with unrelated spam, it´s all right to put links to websites about lifting, hoisting equipment, Personal protective equipment (PPE) etc.
Every month I need to delete unrelated spam messages about; making money, medicine and other silly websites.
Write reactions on my website, give other word suggestions or ask questions.
You can always contact me by mail:
(gvdw (dot) technical (at) gmail (dot) com)

Enjoy and give me your opinion on how to improve this website!

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