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Spring Balancer / Balancim / Balancer

(EN) Spring Balancer / Load Balancer / Tool Balancer
(PT) Balancim
(NL) Balancer

These overhead devices provide and perform functions different from overhead hoist in that they can lift, lower and float a load. The balancer configurations and suspensions are similar to a hoist. The balancer functions differently from a hoist. The functional difference is indicated in the name: balancer. A balancer balances the load in a near weightless condition during the lifting operation. This feature allows the operator to maneuver the load easily. Balancers are often used for awkward and / or rapid load movements. Balancers can also be used to suspend equipment, which is used in repetitive operation. A variety of control options are available. A very broad range of load handling devices (end effectors) can expand this product’s versatility. Balancers are typically supported on small jibs, light monorail systems, or enclosed track monorail systems.

Applications of Spring Balancers / Load Balancers / Tool Balancers:
Portable Hand Tools, Welder Guns, Spray guns, Short Blast Guns, Drifting Attachments in mines and Quaries, Jute and synthetic bag closing machines, Gauges, Jigs and Fixtures, Pendant Station, Switch Button of Hoists, incase of de-oxidation, water washing of plating work with raising and lowering of work etc.

Advantages of Spring Balancer / Load Balancer / Tool Balancer:

Increases Productivity
Balancers keep poised for action, minimize motions required to bring tool from rest to work positions.

Extends Tool Life
Balancers eliminate pick-up and lay down wear and prevent damage from dropping.

Reduces Operator Fatigue
A Balancer makes the heaviest tool light as a feather. Operator effort can be directed to controlling the tool rather than supporting.

No Need of Power
There is no need of electrical or mechanical power.

Increases Safety
Balancers keep work area uncluttered to reduce chances of damages of accessories or accidental start up of tools during handling.

Effective Use of Space
The working place being widely utilized, and also to be cleaned up, the production is smoothly carried out.

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