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Technical translations & glossaries: lift & hoisting equipment

Welcome to my website,

I will start updating my website again in a few day with new translations and glossaries relating to: lift & hoisting equipment, harbour & shipping terms, etc.
Feel free to leave comments or word suggestions. I hope that you find what you are looking for, if not ask.

Here is a small overview of the glossaries on my website:

English glossaries:

Glossary of Fall Protection Terms - PPE

Electric chain hoist terms / Glossary

Wire Rope Glossary - English Terms

Overhead crane glossary - english terminology

Crane Glossary - English Terminology

Glossary of lift and hoisting terms, crane related terminology

Port and shipping terminology - Maritime glossary

Dutch glossaries:

Haventermen - Dutch Glossary

Containertermen - Dutch Glossary

Portuguese glossaries:

Glossário Norma Regulamentadora Nº 18

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